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Yo Momma is back!!


It’s time for another year of bad-assery at Not Yo Momma’s 100!

Here’s what you need to know for race day…Saturday Sept 24, 2016….





The Starting Line for all races is located in the campgrounds near the shelter house at Great Seal State Park.   Please do not park in the campgrounds unless you are camping there. 


When you enter the park follow the signs and look for parking volunteers. This year we will be parking in the large field at the park entrance. Please DO NOT park in the parking lot by the Frisbee golf area. Allow 15 extra minutes to walk a short distance to the start/finish area. The park address is: 4908 Marietta Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601.



 Race packets may be picked up on Friday Sept 23, 2016, 6:00-7:30pm at the Great Seal State Park campgrounds. The park address is: 4908 Marietta Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601.


Packets may also be picked up on race morning at the park campgrounds.  Please be sure to arrive early, as there is a short walk to the registration area. Allow yourself 30-40 minutes for walking from parking area plus registration.

Packets may be picked up on race morning at the following times:

           100k & 100 Mile         4:30am-5:15am

            50 Mile                       4:30am-6:15am

            25k & 50k                   4:30am-7:15am


You may have someone pick up your packet for you, but we ask you stop by registration before the start to sign the waiver. NOTE: No one is allowed on the race course until they have signed a waiver.



There is limited parking at the campgrounds for Friday night packet pick-up.


There is parking near the park entrance in a designated parking area on race day. If the ground is dry volunteers parking cars may direct those in the 100s towards the campgrounds because their vehicles will not be coming and going during the day.


*NOTE*- There will be NO parking in the campgrounds on race morning unless you are camping overnight. This is for safety! Please follow the signs and look for our volunteers directing traffic.





Primitive camping is available through Yo Momma’s Got the Runs. The start/finish is located in the campgrounds, so think about reserving a spot early!

Contact Angie at



Please arrive early and allow 15 minutes for the short walk to the registration area.


Final Race instructions will begin at the following times:

           100k & 100 Mile  5:15am  (early start at 3:50am)

            50 Mile                 6:15 am

           25k, 50k                7:15am




The course has a couple changes this year which eliminate nearly all the road sections!


25K will complete one loop (16.2 miles)

50K will complete two loops (32.4 miles)

100K will complete 4 loops (64.8 miles)

50 Mile will complete a 2 mile section then complete 3 full loops for a total of 50.6 miles

100 Mile will complete a 4.4 mile loop then complete 6 full loops for a total of 101.6 miles


PLEASE BE AWARE: In case you missed it on our website, FB or UltraSignUp, you will be running over your standard distance no matter which event you are in. (Don’t worry, we don’t charge for the extra mileage :)


There will be about 250,000 yards of fluorescent flagging tape along the

course :) We will mark where you should go. We will mark off where you should NOT go.


In addition to flagging tape, you will see the following types of course markers:

- Signs with directional arrows

- Fluorescent flags

- White and Orange ground-marking paint

- NOT THIS WAY signs


We will also have volunteers posted at a couple of locations for the first loop of the race.


We believe in OVER-marking our course! If you get lost on it, it is your fault ;)


The course has been measured multiple times with multiple devices. We have made every effort to be sure it is the advertised 16.2 Mile loop.


Safety is our #1 priority. First aid supplies will be on hand and the appropriate medical personnel and Chillicothe Fire Dept will be on standby.


All Not Yo Momma’s races will take place RAIN OR SHINE; however, the RD’s reserve the right to change the course, delay the start, end early or cancel altogether for safety reasons.





There will be a chute with rainbow-colored flags clearly labeled as the LAP-COUNTING chute. There will be a chute with checkered flags clearly labeled as the FINISHING chute. Please choose appropriately!


We will do our best to ensure that every runner is being credited for every lap ran, but it is each runner’s responsibility to make sure their bibs are visible and that they are counted.



A runner may choose to switch races anytime PRIOR TO THE START OF THE

FIRST RACE at 5:30am. ($7 fee to switch distances after 9/16/2015) A runner may NOT switch races at anytime after the start.  No credit will be given for shorter distances completed! This rule is firm and no exceptions will be made.



There are 3 aid stations. The first is at the Start/Finish area in the campgrounds. The second is at the tower area and will be hit twice, at 3.59 miles going out, and 12.94 miles coming back. The third is at the mountain bike trailhead, at 10.39 miles.


Aid stations will be stocked!  See Aid Station attachment to see what will be available at each station.



Headlamps and/or flashlights will be required for all loops in the dark, at the RDs’ discretion. PLEASE NOTE: Sunrise is estimated for 7:30am, which means all races will likely begin in the dark. Please plan accordingly.


Drop boxes will be provided at AS #3. Please label your light(s) with your name and bib number. We will bring the lights back to the start finish throughout the day. We can not make special trips to retrieve lights. We will do our best to get them back in a timely manner. Please remember this when choosing to drop your light.



There are park rest rooms available at the parking area and at the start/finish.

There will also be a port-a-john available at aid station #2 and #3.



We have an outdoor portable shower for those that want to rinse off.  We also have permission for our runners to take advantage of the showers at Chillicothe YMCA.  Chillicothe, Oh.  Hours:  Directions will be available after your race.



You MUST report to one of the RD’s (Rob Carroll or Angie Carroll), or to an aid station volunteer if you wish to drop from the race. A volunteer at AS#2 or #3 will call the RD’s to get you back to the start/finish. Please DO NOT leave the course without letting us know! This is for your safety! Remember: If you choose to drop at AS#2 or AS#3, you may have to wait a while for someone to be available to drive you back to the start. We do our best to get everyone back in a timely manner, but priority goes to the runners we are taking care of who are still in the race. You are welcome to have your family or crew come get you, but please remind them to watch for runners on the road at all times, as there are a couple of road crossings on the way to the aid stations.



There is a 32-hour cut-off for the 100 mile race. (There are 90 extra minutes for those taking the early start at 4:00am)

There is a 24-hour limit for the 50 Mile and100k.

There is a 20-hour limit for the 25k and 50k.

*Our goal is to have you finish! Any distance that needs more time please talk to us.  As long as you are in before the last 100 mile runner, and within the 32-hour limit, we will work with you so you can finish your race. 

* NOTE- There is a cut-off time for the last loop. All runners MUST begin their final loop by 8:30AM on Sunday morning. No runner will be allowed to begin their final loop after this time. If you think there is a chance you need extra time, please take advantage of the early start option (See below). This is for your safety. Our course sweepers will begin picking up course markers after the last runner leaves the start at 8:30 AM.



We have an early start for those that feel they may need more than the 32 hours.  Those interested in starting at 4:00 am MUST make prior arrangements with the RDs at parket pick up.  Early start is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED. It is solely for extra time. No aid stations will be open and no volunteers will be on the course. You will be responsible for completing the first loop unsupported. This will be the shorter, 4.4 mile loop. Early starters will not be eligible for awards over someone that started at the regular time.  If there is not 3 male & female finishers at the 5:30 start time then early starters would be eligible.



If we determine a runner has cut the course for any reason, they will be disqualified and receive a DNF in race results.



 Cell phone service is pretty good in the start/finish area. There is limited service in other areas of the park.



 Please bring your friends, families & crews to support and encourage you! The best part of a multiple loop course is that you get so many opportunities to experience and appreciate that support!


Crew, family and friends can park in the race parking area.  They are welcome & encouraged to walk up and join us in the start/finish aid station area. They are welcome to bring pop-up tents and chairs. For the safety of the runners, and due to limited access, they are not allowed at the other aid stations.



Free breakfast will be served for all 100k and 100 Mile runners on Sunday morning. Breakfast will be 7:00am-9:30am. Additional meals for family and friends can be purchased for $6 each at packet pick up or Sunday morning.



All distances may leave a drop bag at the start/finish area.


Only 50 Mile, 100k and 100 Mile runners may bring drop bags to be  stationed at Aid Station 3, 10.39 miles. Drop bags for aid station 3 should be in the designated area by 6:00am Saturday morning. Please label your drop bags with your name and bib number. Please pack your items wisely to protect them from inclement weather, as they will not be under cover. Drop bags will be returned throughout the evening if placed on the return tarp, or Sunday morning.  PLEASE NOTE: If you drop from a race we will make every effort to get your drop bags back to the start/finish area in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee them “on-demand”. 



Pacers are allowed for the 100k and 100 Mile races. Pacers can join their runners at the start of their 4th loop. Please note that 100k runners will be allowed a pacer for their final loop ONLY.


Pacers are not allowed in the other distances unless pre-approved by the Race Directors.


You may have as many pacers as you like, but only one pacer may join a runner on the course at a time.


Pacers must register race day after the start and receive a pacers bib.  If you have more than one pacer they all must check in and sign a waiver, but they will share the pacer bib.


ALL PACERS must sign a waiver!

 Pacers may carry items for their runners.

 Pacers must be on foot.




Awesome medals will be awarded to all finishers completing their

race distance within the appropriate time limit, upon crossing the finish line.


Top 3 male and female finishers in each race will receive an award, also upon crossing the finish line.


All 100k and 100 Mile finishers will receive a bad-ass buckle.


A few fun awards will be given out throughout the day this year.


Sweet Tec Shirts for all participants. Race buffs for the first 150 registered runners.



Results will be posted ASAP on our website at



We are all grown-ups. Please don’t force us to DQ you for littering! We love our trails and want to keep them beautiful. Use the many trash cans or give your trash to a volunteer. DO NOT throw it on the ground!



You may register race day.  Please note that fees paid on race day must be paid with cash or check.



Race day we will have a few items for sale:

Stickers  $1 each

Long Sleeve tech shirts (These are super-popular and awesome) $10

Short Sleeve Tech $8



If you haven’t already done so, give us a LIKE on Face Book. We have pages for Not Yo Momma’s 100 and 50s For Yo Momma. The FB pages are the best way to get up-to-date info about all of our events.



All of this info and more, including detailed COURSE MAPS and turn-by-turn directions, can be found on our website at

CAMPING INFO (For those that have reserved and prepaid their camping spot):

We will mark the state parks post with tags with reserved tags and some will have a BRIGHT GREEN RV tag too.  We won’t assign lot numbers as the tent campers are sharing lots and will fill in around the campgrounds, but we use the tags to ensure that all RV spots have the parking pads left open for any late arrivals. (Please leave the RV spots open for RVs)    

As long as the post does not say RV then tent campers can sit up there. Just a reminder: that tent campers will be sharing lots and filling in open spaces around the campgrounds.  This is a fun runners and friends weekend so please share the parking strips, picnic table, and fire rings with others.  There are no hook ups at this campgrounds.

Friday we will try to have TENT & RV tags out on the post late morning.  However, any campers from the previous night do not have to check out until 1:00pm.  After 1pm the campgrounds is officially ours. 

If you have not yet booked or paid for a spot, tent camping may still be available. Contact Angie@50sForYoMomma to check availability.



Thanks so much for signing up! Obviously, there is no event without all of you. Ultra Runners are the best group of people out there, and we love the opportunity to support our amazing sport and community!


See y’all on race day!


Before 7/4 

7/4 - 9/3

9/4 - 9/24



 100 Mile




 5:30 am 

(early start 4:00)






 5:30 am


 50 Mile




 6:30 am






 7:30 am






 7:30 am 



This years shirts are not guaranteed after August 29th



 VOLUNTEERS:  If you would like to volunteer please contact us at
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