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Race Instructions & Information

50s For Yo Momma is right around the corner! Hope all your training is going well and you are all looking forward to a great race!

Check out the race instructions below to help you prepare. Feel free to email me at Rob@50sForYoMomma.com with any questions or concerns.

* Race packets may be picked up on Friday May 8th, from 6:00pm-7:00pm at the Start/Finish area at A.W. Marion State Park. 20505 Riegel Rd, Circleville, OH 43113.
DO NOT use the Warner-Huffer address listed on the park’s website. Warner-Huffer is a funny little road that is split in two and separated by the lake! Many GPS devices will take you to the wrong side of Warner-Huffer Rd. You will see signs for our event when you get close to the park J
* Race Day- Packets may also be picked up on race morning from 5:30am-6:15am, at the Start/Finish area.
* You may have someone pick up your packet for you. Please note that if you have someone pick-up for you, you will need to check in on race morning and sign a waiver. No one will be allowed to run without signing a waiver, if the wavier is not signed you are not running in this event.

* There is ample parking at the Start/Finish area in the main parking lot for both packet pick-up and race day. Should we need more parking, volunteers will be on duty to direct you to overflow parking in the Marina
area of the park, just a very short walk away.

* The Start/Finish is located at the Day-Use Area of the Park. 20505 Riegel Rd, Circleville, OH 43113. Again,
DO NOT use the Warner-Huffer address listed on the parks website. Warner-Huffer is a funny little road that is split in two and separated by the lake! Many GPS devices will take you to the wrong side of Warner-Huffer Rd. You will see signs for our event when you get close to the park J       (Look for the 50s For Yo Momma signs on State Rte 188 and US 22 you will turn onto Bolender Pontious Rd off 188 or 22 to head towards the Shelter area.)
* Final race instructions start at 6:15am.* All races start at 6:30am.


50 Milers- You will be running an 8.7 mile loop. You will complete 6 loops for a total of 52.2 miles

25k & 50k’ers- You will be running an 8.2 mile loop. 50k runners will complete 4 loops for a total of 32.8 miles. 25k runners will complete 2 loops for a total of 16.4 miles.

The only difference in the courses is the addition of a .50 mile section for the 50 Milers.

Yes, you will all be running slightly over your listed mileage. There is no additional charge. You’re welcome!!

*Course Marking:
There will be about 250,000 yards of fluorescent orange flagging tape along the course :) We will mark where you should go. We will mark off where you should NOT go.

- In addition to orange flagging tape, you will see the following types of course markers:
        - Yellow signs with directional arrows informing you, “Yo Momma is This Way”
        - Orange flags
        - White ground marking paint

* We will also have volunteers posted at a couple of locations for the first loop (or so) of the race, including the split for the short section for 50 Milers only.
* We believe in OVER-marking our course! If you get lost on it, it is your fault ;)
* Be ready for some mud! The course has been draining well this year, and it has been pretty dry the last few weeks. However, rain is forecasted for pretty much every day this week, and there are still a couple of soggy spots. In addition, there are one or two (or three) creek crossings. Please plan for wet feet!
* The course has been measured multiple times with multiple devices. We have made every effort to be sure it is the advertised length. Please direct all complaints about course length to Yo Momma
* Safety is our #1 priority. First aid supplies will be on hand and the appropriate medical personnel and Circleville Fire Dept will be on standby. Circleville Fire Dept. 740-474-3333
* 50s will take place RAIN OR SHINE; however, the RD’s reserve the right to change the course, delay the start, end early or cancel altogether for safety reasons.
* Headlamps and/or flashlights will be required for all running in the dark.


* A runner may choose to switch races any time PRIOR TO THE START OF THE  RACE at 6:30am.
A runner may NOT switch races at any time after the 6:30 start. This is the only rule I am hard core about people. Please make sure you have chosen the event you really want to be in before the start J
There is a $7 fee to switch races, if you do so within 2 weeks of the race.

* There are 2 manned aid stations and 1 un-manned water stop. The first aid station is at the Start/Finish. The other is in the campgrounds, at 5.8 miles (25k & 50K)/6.2 miles (50 Milers). The water stop is located at  5 miles (25k & 50k)/ 5.4 miles (50 milers).
* Aid stations will be stocked with water, Hammer Heed, Hammer Gels, Hammer Endurolytes, Pop, cookies, pretzels, chips, candy, PB&Js, nuts and bananas.
At the main aid station: We will also have ZANZIs pizzas available beginning around noon. Gator-Ade will be available at the Start/Finish area only.
* Aid stations will be stocked with First Aid supplies.
* Please bring a water bottle or other hydration container. We would like to join many of our trail racing friends in an effort to cut down on waste. We will have cups available, but we would be  happy if you could use your bottles as much as possible.

*You may leave a drop bag at the Start/Finish aid station shelter. 
* There are park rest rooms available within a few feet of the trail. One is at the Start/Finish area, one is in the Marina
and a third is in the campgrounds. There will also be port-a-johns available in both the Start/Finish and campgrounds.

* You MUST report to the RD (Rob Carroll) or Co-RD (Angie Carroll) if you wish to drop from the race. Please DO NOT leave the course without letting us know! This is for your safety!

* There is a 14-hour cut-off for all races.

* Please respect all volunteers, runners, the park and your RDs, or we will make fun of you mercilessly and DQ you J
* If we determine a runner has cut the course for any reason, they will be disqualified and receive a DNF in race results.

* Cell phone service is limited in the park.

* Please bring your friends, families & crews to support and encourage you! The best part of a loop course is that you get so many opportunities to experience and appreciate that support!
* Crew, family and friends can park in the main lot at the Start/Finish area, and should feel free to set-up pop-up tents and spend the day with us. There is plenty of green space in the start finish area!


* Camping is available at A.W. Marion State Park. Reserve a spot at www.parks.ohiodnr.gov/awmarion or 866-644-6727. The campgrounds are about a 5 minute drive from the Start/Finish area.

* Pacers are not allowed unless pre-approved by the Race Director.

* Awesome finisher medals will be awarded to all finishers completing their race within the 14-hour limit, upon crossing the finish line.
* Top 3 male and female finishers in each race will receive an equally awesome award, also upon crossing the finish line.

* Results will be posted ASAP on our website at
http://www.50sforyomomma.com/, and at ultrasignup.com.

* We are all grown-ups. Please don’t force us to DQ you for littering! We love our trails and want to keep them beautiful. Use the many trash cans or give your trash to a volunteer. DO NOT throw it on the ground! If you litter, you will be mocked, and we will be forced to post your picture on-line with the caption “Litter-Bug”. There will be trash cans at the aid stations, as well as a short distance away so you can dispose of items you would like to walk with for bit

* Thanks so much to all of our AMAZING volunteers! We absolutely could not put on such a wonderful event without them!

* A special thanks to all of our generous sponsors. This event would never have gotten of the ground and lived to see a third year without their support. BERGER HEALTH SYSTEM is our Premier Sponsor again this year. They have been so supportive of our event!

Berger Health System                    RE Carroll & Sons Excavating                        Zanzi’s Pizza                                 
Dr. Kristy Blum                                Delmont Storage                                             Wendy’s                                    
Mills Locksmith                                Hammer Nutrition             
                                                          She Bakes the Cakes                                       Road I.D.                                                                                                                          

This year showers will be available at the Pickaway County YMCA until 4:00pm. 5 minute drive. Directions will be available at the Start/Finish. 440 Nicholas Dr, Circleville, OH 43113


* We have several stickers available for purchase this year at a buck each :) Check em' out on our website.

* Check-out the registered runner list on our website. If you don't see your name and you think you should, or you are in the wrong distance, shoot me an email and we'll get you taken care of.

* If you haven't done so already, ckeck us out and LIKE us on Face Book.

* Don't forget, if you like 50s, check out Not Yo Momma's 100 in Sept. We offer 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k and Ohio’s most bad-ass 100 miler, at Great Seal State Park in Chillicothe, OH.

* Heart of Ohio Trail Running Series- Remember that when you run one of our events you are automatically entered into the Heart of Ohio Trail Running Series! We are a group dedicated to promoting and supporting trail running! Check us out on Face Book and give us a like for more info.

* Rob Carroll, RD 740-412-5649 and Angie Carroll, RD 740-497-0014. Feel free to shoot us a text if you have questions!


Thank you all so much for signing up! Obviously, there is no event without all of you. Ultra Runners are a great group of people, and I love the opportunity to support our amazing sport! There are certainly a lot of excellent choices for races nowadays, so we appreciate you selecting ours! See ya all on race day!

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