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Old School Course Directions & Map

Yo Mommas Old School Course Maps & Directions
8 mile 2 loops  /  25K  4 loops  /  50K 8 loops  /  50 mile 13 loops
Yo Momma's Old School Trail Race  
Turn-by-Turn Course Directions  
Directions Section Distance Cumulative Distance
S- START in the Day-Use area of the park. 0 0
1- Cross the dam. Turn LEFT at the end of the dam and follow the trail along the lake. 0.28 0.28
2- Cross the wooden decking and enter the woods. Take the immediate RIGHT and climb the hill. 0.11 0.39
3- Run along the ridge until you re-joing the blue-blazed trail. Continue STRAIGHT ahead. 0.26 0.65
4- Pass a farm house on your right. Continue to follow the trail STRAIGHT ahead. 0.08 0.73
5- Continue to the bouncy bridge. Cross the creek. Watch your step- this bridge is VERY BOUNCY! 0.19 0.92
6- Turn LEFT as soon as you have crossed the bridge. Continue following the blue-blazed trail along the lake. - 0.92
7- When you reach the first set of steps, climb them and turn LEFT at the top to stay on the blue-blazed trail. 0.24 1.16
8- When you reach the second set of steps, climb them and turn RIGHT at the top. 0.21 1.37
9- Continue STRAIGHT past an intersecting orange-blazed trail. 0.05 1.42
10- Continue on the blue-blazed trail until you reach a third set of steps. Turn LEFT near the top. 0.18 1.6
11- Follow the orange-blazed trail down and along the lake for .3 miles. 0.3 1.9
12- Come to an intersection. Veer right. You will climb up, go down, and climb back up again. - 1.9
13- Turn LEFT at the top of the hill. Continue on the blue-blazed trail. 0.1 2
14- Continue on the blue-blazed trail. You will go down and cross a bridge on the RIGHT. 0.06 2.06
15- Continue .14 miles. Cross the creek and climb a small hill. Turn RIGHT at the top, and follow the blue trail. 0.14 2.2
16- Follow the trail into the campgrounds. Follow course markers through the campgrounds into the woods. 0.22 2.42
17- Continue STRAIGHT down the hill and cross the creek again. 0.29 2.71
18- Follow the trail up the fourth set of steps, and continue to the top of a short, steep hill. 0.02 2.73
19- Turn LEFT at the top of the hill and continue on the blue-blazed trail. - 2.73
20- Continue on the blue-blazed trail for .65 miles. Cross the bridge and climb the fifth set of steps. 0.65 3.38
21- Cross a teeny-tiny bridge, climb a small hill, and turn LEFT at the top. 0.04 3.42
22- Follow the trail into the marina. 0.21 3.63
FINISH- Follow the course marking across the marina and to the FINISH. 0.44 4.07

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Sep 25, 2017, 6:12 AM